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Don't get caught through phishing

We're all used to getting some pretty strange emails in our inboxes asking us to "click here" or send information about ourselves, or even making promises of great wins.While Internet offers convenient access to services such as shopping and banking, it also holds risks to the security of your personal information and money. One such risk is "phishing", used by criminals in ever.changing ways to ultimately take your money.

What is phishing?

Phishing is the act of a fraudster sending emails that claim to be from a recognised organisation, e.g. Standard Bank, to mislead the recipient into revealing sensitive information for use in identity theft. The recipient is told to visit a website where they are asked to enter sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details or bank account numbers. This website is a fake website that has no association with the recognised organization, however closely resembles the recognised organisations website in terms of aesthetics. Once the recipient supplies their details the details are email to the fraudsters. The victim is then redirected to the legitimate website.

Where to get more information

Your internet banking site will have a link on it for more information with regards to Phishing

We always try to stop these emails before they get to your inbox, but no system is foolproof, so please always be aware.

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